About Us

Welcome to our new online shop, have a look and tell us what you think.

Rather than replicate the existing Ben’s Farm Shops, online, the idea is to shorten the food chain by offering a basket of food and drinks, mainly from local producers who use locally grown ingredients to make their wares. Our neighbours at Hole Farm (over the hill from the shop) are Riverford Organic Dairy and Barnaby’s Brewhouse so we’ll be including their offering, as well as Crock & Cole’s ferments, The Almond Thief’s bread, Sharpham's cheeses,  New Lion Brewery's beers– and more. 

With its kitchen and butchery, Ben’s Farm Shop, is also a producer so, excuse us, if, to start with, we push our products to the fore. But we’re also shopkeepers and like seeing our customers, so we hope you’ll treat our on-line shop as an additional, rather than ‘instead of’ service. We won’t be offering fruit and vegetables or fresh meat and most of the meat available will be the more utilitarian cuts like mince, diced, sausages etc (and frozen).

We’ll also be offering our range of wines, beers and cider (most of which comes straight from the producer to us) and foods that we buy centrally for the shops such as olive oil, oat milk, Hodmedod’s UK grown pulses, Le Parfait jars, apple juices, cheeses etc. 

Becoming the next Amazon isn’t the aim and delivery options will be extremely limited to start with but the aim is to be delivering to everywhere south of the moor, between Plymouth and Exeter. That’s our patch!